Use of finances – Your money  in the right place

Surely you want to know that your donation is well spent. EduChild has a procedure which excludes abuse of your support. We will make sure that your donation will get in the right place!


  1. Donations to Educhild go directly to a separate bank account on Flores. From here we ensure that remittances are spent as agreed. The director of the School must sign to access the bank account.
  2. For each project, individual criteria are established to measure progress and to monitor use of funds.
  3. Local partners regularly report to Educhild on the progress of the projects and tests this with the projectplan.
  4. We visit the schools twice a year to make sure that finances are well spent and work is in progress.
  5. Also ambassadors travel  to Flores regularly to ensure that donations to EduChild directly goes where it belongs: with the students.