Healthy drinking water every day

07-07-2014 - By Javelyn Westerveld

water2Pure, clear, odorless drinking water, running right from the tap. In the Netherlands we don’t look surprised to see that. But for Flores this is not an obvious sight. We state that water is a basic necessity of life, so we devote our efforts to providing the school for tourism with drinkable water.

A particularly major problem is the supply of drinking water in the dry season. There is still a lack of it for both teachers and students. Especially for students who live in dormitories on campus. To get water for toilets, bathrooms and to wash clothes, students need a stream to fetch water in buckets. During the wet season it is already provided for by storing rainwater in tanks.

Pumping clean water in tanks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABecause buying water from water trucks is very costly, we want these tanks permanently filled with water. So we provide a pump which is placed in an existing well. The water is pumped from the well and stored in 5000 liter tanks, which are already present on the premises. The coordinator of each dormitory is responsable for distributing the water, in consultation with teachers and students.

Nowadays the School of Tourism in Labuan Bajo is provided with drinkable water for daily use continuously. This is important both to promote health of students and teachers and also to improve daily function of the school.

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